Change of venue

Today I photographed young Sarah Beth Guevara, daughter of two of the nicest people I know, Roger and Debbie Guevara, and winner of the Hispanic National Merit Scholarship award. Her guitar-playing and vocal talents seem beyond her years. We’re doing a feature story on her, so naturally, I needed a photo.


Fortunately, she came prepared, with her acoustic guitar. As soon as I said I wanted a picture, Sarah Beth started playing — and not just casually or to be miming for the shot. No, she went to the trouble of tuning her strings. Unfortunately, our office is a dingy mess, unworthy of any photo, much less a portrait of such a talented young woman, so after I shot some interesting close-ups of her fingers on the fretboard, I suggested we go next door to the Magnolia Art Center, where the background and lighting might be more appropriate.

I asked Sarah Beth to have a seat on a white-vinyl sectional couch, beneath a low-hanging lamp, in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, and she played Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” while I photographed her from a variety of low angles with my 18-200mm zoom lens (which has an appealing wide-angle look).



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