Passage of time

Today, I went on a fun field trip for a photo on the campus of Southern Arkansas University, specifically, the student center, formerly (circa 1960s) a teen-ager-y hangout of sorts which our reporter Joe will be writing about shortly. Make sense? Good. Innywho, my idea was to get a photo of the student center/food court that blurred the faces and movements of individual customers. In other words, the point of the story wasn’t the WHO, but the WHAT. Also, I thought the blurry humans might symbolically indicate the passage of time, the flux of students in and out of the building over the decades, the what-have-you. I just wanted an interesting picture of a room, in other words.

My method was extremely simple, bordering on the absurd: mount my DSLR on my monopod and hold the camera extremely still while the shutter makes its exposure. Note I chose the monopod, not the tripod, which I would otherwise use in these types of situations. Today I simply didn’t want to fool with the tripod.

It worked. I sat on a stool at one of the tables, pointed my camera in the general direction of foot traffic, and tripped the shutter whenever anyone passed. Metadata included in the caption below.

f/14.0, ISO 200, 1/5, 35mm

f/14.0, ISO 200, 1/5, 35mm


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