Ground level

Leaf, Columbia County Courthouse

Leaf, Columbia County Courthouse

It’s a bad period at work. Too much going on, not enough people to handle it all, too much pressure, too much stress. Inevitably, when there’s overflow, I end up catching extra work, and I’m worn out. My burn-out levels are “up to here.” Maybe it’s just the month of May, which is hard on everyone, but this is ridiculous. I am not officially “complaining about work,” but the truth is, I’m 46, I don’t get enough time off to take care of myself and/or things peripheral to work that are equally important, and I’ve got to make some kind of change, soon. This is killing me.

Today, while on my only break from The Desk, I glanced down and saw this dead leaf on the yard at the Columbia County Courthouse. Remembering a photograph I saw in another location, under entirely different circumstances, I took its picture. Kind of pretty. Meanwhile, I am pretty tired.


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