On campus

Tree and bell tower, SAU mall

Tree and bell tower, SAU mall

It’s going great at SAU. I am encouraged to work at my own pace, yet everyone seems pleased with what I’m doing. I’ve had two articles along with photos published in the summer Stater, a magazine for alumni, and I’ve written my first major press release. I’ve made some mistakes – my photos at summer commencement were BAD, due to a rookie error – but I’m learning every day. SAU continues to be a fine place to work; I am particularly happy with the on-campus clinic, which provides free medical services to faculty, staff and students. I’m getting my blood pressure checked for free, as well as an ultra-cheap checkup (including cholesterol check). Still waiting on keys to my Bray newspaper office, but that will happen in time.

Speaking of The Bray (our student-produced newspaper), I’ve been appointed sponsor of that online publication by none other than our president himself, Dr. Trey Berry, and I have already had meetings with the editor, Kayla Baugus, of Atlanta, Texas, and the publisher of our local online media outlet (and my own former competitor), Mike McNeill. Hoping to turn the Bray around and make it a respected news outlet. We’ll see.


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