On Safari

Saturday, March 18, was what the song refers to as a “beautiful day,” and so with nothing else on the household agenda, I decided to get out and collect some safari images from around Magnolia.

I’d been wanting to photograph this line of covered antique cars for a long time and finally got my chance, nailing this image of an old Plymouth, its protective covering ripped and torn by the elements.

The sky lends an ominous note to this image of South Jackson Street. Crayton’s BBQ and a nearby, lime-colored laundromat make for an interesting corner of Magnolia, which I tried capturing in a few images.

The Jackson Street “Washateria.” No other structure in Magnolia looks quite like this one.

I tried capturing two interesting signs in one image. Directly across the street: the BBQ restaurant and the laundromat.

Speaks for itself; I applied a Photoshop action (“Classically Beautiful”) to stylize the image. I think it works.

Plenty o’ …

Stylized image of a brick wall, using a Photoshop filter called paint daubs. For a photo taken in a forgotten corner of Magnolia, I figured it was fine to get a little creative.




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