Rural church cemeteries

Christa and I took an impromptu photo safari into Nevada County tonight, ahead of projected heavy rains tomorrow. I’d spotted a barn in a rural area that I wanted to photograph, and we got there just before sundown. After photographing the barn from the side of the road (actually, from inside the car, after we saw somebody’s dogs coming down a nearby driveway), we stopped at a couple of nearby churches for some photos. I like the idea of photographing small churches and these looked like just the ticket. One of them, Mt. Moriah, is a former family church home of mine; my grandmother and her sisters all attended in their youth, and in fact, I have an aunt buried there in the cemetery.

We found an intriguing cemetery in back of the second church as well as what appeared to be a “pet cemetery” in the trees beyond. Christa photographed it. We hope nothing weird happens.

This old barn is about 6 miles south of Prescott, Ark. It reminded me that my grandfather, when he was alive, always talked about photographing barns around Nevada County. He never got to; I think it’s a fine idea for a project.

We found this small grave site adjacent to a larger cemetery at a church in rural Nevada County. No, we weren’t really snooping, we were just looking for something interesting to shoot. We found it. You can kind of make up your own story about this place.

Church, Nevada County, Ark.

Mr. Moriah Church, Rosston, Ark.

Cemetery plots can make for interesting photos, as, hopefully, this one shows.

I’m guessing this object is a dreamcatcher at a gravesite near Rosston, Ark., though it resembles no other I’ve seen.


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