Megalopolis, Mega Malls

I love taking pictures of freeways as I drive and yielded some fairly interesting, smeary night-time images on LBJ Freeway in Dallas on a recent trip.

The zamboni operator at the Dallas Galleria seems to have such an interesting job. I always enjoy photographing the machine at work on the ice.

Here is the roof line of the Galleria, a fascinating piece of architecture, as seen from the ground floor. And …

… here is the skating rink, as seen from the second level.

Consumerism and advertising are the big concepts at the Dallas Galleria. I don’t even know who this guy is but clearly he’s a sports celebrity.



The dome of the Dallas Galleria, which I find highly photogenic.

Okay, this is not a superlative photo, but the Rainforest Cafe … as well as this display for the restaurant outside Grapevine Mills Mall, is an important spot for me, as I took my daughter Jodi’s picture in this very location almost 20 years ago when she was but a wee lass. Good times. She loved the Rainforest Cafe. So do I.

Night Drive 2. Ridley Scott, eat yer heart out.