Rock Goddess

Christa and I took a brief tour of Magnolia one recent sunny afternoon to take some portraits of her posing with her acoustic guitar. We found a hidden courtyard downtown and were impressed with its faded brick walls and rusty ironworks. The distressed textures and overall weathered appearance made it a perfectly unique spot for photos that might work well on an album cover.

She posed well, and I have to say, I shot very well, using two different lenses: the 10-24mm Nikkor and the 84mm Nikkor. This was absolutely the correct combo for the assignment.

Post-production was fun, as well. We purchased and downloaded hundreds of Photoshop “actions” that create a variety of highly stylized and creative images. I’ve learned that a “photojournalistic” style does not necessarily work (or is even desired) in all cases, and by applying actions we can express ourselves more artistically with just the click of the mouse. Following are some of my favorite images.

Two Photoshop layers or “actions” helped create the mood for this image.

This one has a very Carole King, Lucinda Williams, Janis Joplin-y album-cover vibe.

I was particularly pleased that the reflection of sky is visible in the hard-focus of her sunglasses.

A downtown alley provided this very cool backdrop.

The pond at SAU; Christa is holding her ukulele.